How a Café Owner Doubled Her Business in a Month Using Vegetables

Eatery on Main is a breakfast and lunch café nestled on Main Street in the quaint Pennsylvania town of North Wales.

From her perch near the busiest intersection of town, café owner Lisa DiVincenzo has become a mainstay of the community with her charity work, and by offering a respite from workaday
tower7cares within a setting she describes as a place “where local food & art brew perfectly together.”

Lisa says business has been good the last few years, helped by the use of locally grown food and gluten free options. A weekly book club, art from local artists that adorns the walls, and WIFI have also helped keep Eatery on Main going.

However, in the last month, Lisa says business has literally doubled! Obviously that’s no small feat for a restaurant or any other type of business for that matter. Well by now you’re wondering how after all this time in business did Lisa double her clientele in one month?

Clues to this remarkable growth can be found on the café’s Facebook page where you will find almost daily mentions of a new indoor vegetable growing tower located right in the window. Incidentally, the growing lights of this 5 foot vertical farmer’s market illuminate Main Street in the evenings and one can’t miss it in the front window when walking or driving by.

A recent post to the Eatery’s Facebook page seemed to capture some of the excitement:

Here is the wonderful Indoor Garden!!! We have added Swiss Chard, amazing and heavenly fragrant Lavender!!! Stop in and check it out and taste our delicious Lavender Honey Ice tea!
Also you can create an indoor Garden Omelet! You choose what fresh herbs or veggies too would like from the garden and we add it to your Organic Omelet!!! Now that’s YUM!

Clearly, plenty of new folks have taken Lisa up on the offer to come in and choose produce right from the tower garden for their omelet or salad, or even herbs for their ice tea.  You can view a tower garden at this site.


As word spreads, moms that are trying to get their kids to eat better have found that the indoor tower offers something fun for them to do. Lisa noted: “My little indoor farm has changed everything at the cafe. So many people interested in organic food have asked me how to get their own. Someone that had never been in before just told me that last night she saw it lighting up Main Street and she said she just had to come in for lunch today”.

The best way to experience the food, the art, the books, and yes the indoor garden of Eatery on Main in North Wales is to stop by and take it all in, in person.

Where: 104 S. Main Street, North Wales, PA 19454

When: M-F, 7:00am, Sat and Sun 8:00am


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