A Movie Review of “The Chef” Starring Jon Favreau

If you’re making a big soup with many different and seemingly contrasting ingredients, there’s a good chance it could go very wrong. Well “The Chef”, which was written by and starring Jon Favreau does throw together a plethora of genres and story lines into one big steaming pot but the result was a sort of inspirational culinary surprise.

Of course, at times “The Chef” requires some poetic license like suspending enough belief to accept that an overweight and at times incendiary chef, could have characters portrayed by both Sofia Vergara and Scarlett Johansson smitten by him.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a movie with deep hidden meanings and heralded by the art house crowd you’re going to be as disappointed as the food critic in the movie is at the menu that the restaurant owner, earnestly played by Dustin Hoffman, refused to yield on is. But the gourmet delights in the movie are cooked up by Favreau himself as he begins to allow creativity and artistic freedom give him his soul back, albeit often maniacally in the middle of the night.

Some actors are lauded for performing their own stunts, similarly Jon Favreau’s slicing and dicing skills are extraordinary and by the way so is the cast. The chef is also a divorced dad in the movie with a 10 year old son portrayed by Emjay Anthony, who in many ways steals the show. In addition to his helpful Twitter and Vine tutorials, the kid can flat out act without acting and absolutely commands his scenes.

The relationship between he and his dad the chef really takes off during a great American road trip within a rollicking food truck where they are joined by a fellow crew member portrayed by John Leguizamo who was dynamite and perfectly cast.

The movie is also peppered with sights of Sofia Vergara in tight dresses and heels often while awesome traditional Cuban music is performed live. In fact, the entire soundtrack will keep you dancing in your chair.

Favreau has cooked up summer gold with “The Chef” aka el Jefe. It’s Rocky, Swingers, Hell’s Kitchen and the feel good movie of the summer all rolled into one.  Catch it while you can still find it on the big screen for maximum food and music impact, oh and don’t go hungry!

Darren Hunter is a Storyteller with SAP and also leader of vegetable believers Team DRN.

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